Over the past 60 years, the Foundation for Scholarly Exchange (FSE) or
Fulbright Taiwan has financed over 1600 Taiwan grantees to the U.S. and 1400 U.S. grantees to Taiwan.
Our recent Program & Annual Reports show the continued vibrancy of educational exchange.

2017 marks

60 Years of Educational Exchange

in Taiwan. The theme is:

"Leadership Challenge: Equity, Ethics, and Globalization."

Think Globally

Act Locally

Think Globally

Thought Leaders Forum

"Leadership Challenge: Equity, Ethics, and Globalization"

Date: Friday, June 2
Time: 8:45am - 5:00pm
Venue: Howard Civil Service International House
福華國際文教會館 2樓卓越堂
Address: No.30, Sec.3, Shin-Sheng South Road, Taipei

Time Program
8:15 am Registration
8:30 am Opening & Welcome
9:00 am Richard Bush: "Leadership and Globalization"
10:40 am Panel: “Leadership and Equity”
12:00 pm Lunch
1:00 pm Performance: “Folk Traditions Today”
1:30 pm Michael Sandel: “Leadership and Ethics"
3:15 pm Roundtable: “Equity, Ethics, and Globalization”
4:45 pm Closing
5:00 pm End of the day

Simultaneous interpretation provided (現場提供同步口譯)

Program details Registration closed

**E-Tickets were sent by 5/24, if you have not receive it, please contact Fulbright Taiwan**
** The event's registration is closed, no on-site registration **

** 活動當天恕不接受現場報名 **
** 活動票券已於5月24日寄出,若未收到請與 Fulbright Taiwan聯繫。 **

Act Locally

A. Fulbright Talks and Reunion

Organize a local event or activity in your campus or city during 2017. Consider a brown bag, small reception, panel, lecture, movie, etc. All academic topics are welcomed. The overall theme is “Leadership Challenge: Equity, Ethics, and Globalization.”


B. Fulbright Tree Planting Initiative

April 21, 2016 a tree was planted on Capitol Hill in DC Honoring Senator Fulbright. Fulbright Taiwan would like to extend the idea to planting on as many campuses and school grounds as possible. Arrange to plant a tree in the Senator's honor on your campus or at your alma mater during 2017. A plaque will be donated by Fulbright Taiwan, and a record is kept.

Contact FSE for Help Plant a Tree

==Events in America TECO/TECRO can also help!==

Special Thanks to our Sponsors









Plant a Tree

Honor the Fulbright Program and Senator Fulbright and Help the Environment

Join your colleagues around the U.S. and Taiwan. Donate and plant a tree at your university, school, business location, public park, government office, etc.


Anytime in 2017! We recommend spring or fall as the best planting seasons. Plant a decent size tree 1-4 inches. Choose a variety native to and emblematic of your location! Talk to the landscape planner/grounds keeper for hints. Care for it!

Use the tree planting to reach out to all Fulbright alumni, both on campus and graduates. Or, simply arrange a planting to add a little beauty and capture a little carbon! To go along, arrange a brown bag, small reception, panel, lecture, movie, etc. to talk about the Taiwan or the Fulbright vision. Perhaps an International Education Office, Development Offices, or East Asian Program would like participate.

Fulbright Taiwan will provide a commemorative plaque (bronze in the U.S., stainless in Taiwan). You can see the wording and picture here.

Keep us informed. Check below to see the record of tree plantings in the U.S., Taiwan, and perhaps around the world!!

Celebrate the 60th with Fulbright Taiwan! Our vision is:
“a world with a little more knowledge and a little less conflict.