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[Announcement] Fulbright-Wu Jing-Jyi Arts & Culture Fellowships


The “Fulbright-Wu Jing-Jyi Arts & Culture Fellowships” is established in 2018-2019 in honor of Dr. Jing-jyi Wu who has contributed overwhelmingly to the Taiwan Arts and Culture areas and the Fulbright Program for more than 30 years. The scholarship is sponsored by Fulbright Taiwan, and approved by the Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board (FFSB) in Washington D.C.

All candidates have to be Fulbright Grantees for that nomination year. In addition to the original grants received by the grantees, grantees will be designated as “Fulbright-Wu Jing-jyi Arts & Culture Fellowship” grantee, and receive these additional benefits following: (1) Spring Banquet Recognition, (2) Dinner with Dr. Wu Jing-jyi and his guests for networking in the Arts, (3) Possible gallery show in 3F of Fulbright Taiwan, AIT, or another location, (4) Profession Travel/ Materials fund

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