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New! Debate Coach/Trainer Awards


New Fulbright student scholarship: Fulbright Debate Coach/Trainer Awards. This award is not only the first grant about debate coaching in Taiwan, but also the first Fulbright student grant focusing on the field of debate around the world!

Fulbright Debate Coach/Trainer Awards
Up to 2 awards (length of grant: 11 months) for applicants who wish to coach and organize debate programs in Taiwan. Applicants need to have more than 3 years’ experience in nationally competitive debate and be able to coach Public Forum, Policy, and Lincoln-Douglas debates.
Grants begin on September 2020. Experienced debate coaching/ teaching in high- performing schools are expected, but not required. In addition, 2-year experience in teaching debating teams is preferred.
Applicants are welcome in all fields of study, especially in political science, law, international relations, and language arts, including communications, rhetoric, and argumentation. Applicants are expected to have strong interpersonal skills. Working knowledge of Mandarin and cross-cultural interactions will be helpful.

Deadline: October 8th, 2019
Apply online:
More details: (English) or (Chinese)
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