§ Description and Purpose

This Scholarship is established in honor of Dr. Jing-jyi Wu who has contributed overwhelmingly to the Taiwan Arts and Culture areas and the Fulbright Program for more than 30 years.  The Fulbright –Wu Jing-jyi Arts & Culture Fellowships are sponsored by Fulbright Taiwan, and approved by the Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board (FFSB) in Washington D.C.


§ Benefits:

All candidates have to be Fulbright Grantees for that nomination year.

In addition to the original grants received by the grantees, grantees will be designated as “Fulbright-Wu Jing-jyi Arts & Culture Fellowship” grantee, and receive these additional benefits following:

  • Spring Banquet Recognition
  • Dinner with Dr. Wu Jing-jyi and his guests for networking in the Arts
  • Possible gallery show in 3F of Fulbright Taiwan, AIT, or another location
    - Publicity
    - Small budget to cover expenses based on request (with receipts) 
  • Profession Travel/ Materials fund (with receipts) provided by FSE: NT$10,000 or US$300

§ Eligibility Criteria:

In addition to being a Fulbright grantee for the nomination year, candidates’ research or study is related to Arts and Culture.


§ Application Procedure

  • 1. Candidates can request from FSE that their application have the title of “Fulbright-Wu Jing-jyi Arts & Culture Fellowship” and FSE will submit a nomination list to the Board, or
  • 2. FSE will submit nominations proactively.

§ Selection Procedure

In FSE Board meeting in spring right before the nomination academic year, the Board will approve the nomination list suggested by FSE. 




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