Fulbright Specialists Program






Fulbright Specialists Program provides short-term grant opportunities – lasting from two to six weeks – for U.S. faculty and professionals. Specialists collaborate with their overseas counterparts on curriculum and faculty development, assist in institutional planning and give lectures, among other scholarly activities.

Recent Fulbright Specialists have included a social studies and global education professor who integrated global citizenship education into the teacher education program at Ryazan State Pedagogical University in Russia; a communications and journalism professor who traveled to the Caribbean Institute of Media and Communication in Kingston, Jamaica, to establish a first-of-itskind master’s program in communication for social and behavioral change; and a chief justice of the Montana Supreme Court who taught legal methods to English-speaking law students at the University of Montevideo in Uruguay.

Whatever your contribution, you will almost certainly return home with a broader cultural perspective in your academic discipline or professional field. From archaeology and anthropology to urban planning, there are opportunities in a growing number of disciplines. When you apply and are selected, we put you on a roster and then try to match you with an overseas host institution seeking an expert in your field.

Application forms may be obtained by contacting Cultural Specialist Sharon Hsieh or Rei-shang Wang at (02) 2723-3959 in AIT.

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