New York beyond hustle and bustle

When it comes to “New York,” what will you think of first? Statue of Liberty, Times Square, Broadway, Wall Street, sports games, hamburger, Big Apple, or 24-hour city? The first thing that comes to my mind is “the heartland of entertainment, culture and performing arts industry.” As an arts administrator, for me, New York is […]

The Journey To Kucapungane

“The natural landscape surrounding Beidawu mountain is stunning. When most of my friends and family members in America were completing their Easter Sunday celebration rituals; I was beginning my Monday by admiring nature’s creations. As we started our journey, (five students, a co-professor from National Taiwan University, a teaching assistant, and two guides), I looked […]

Nick Bowman: The Demanding Nature of Virtual Reality: Teaching and Investigating From a Media Psychology Lens

Dr. Bowman spent his Fulbright year at Cheng-Chi University (Taipei, Taiwan), researching cognitive demands on interactive technology within different culture’s tech users. He also taught several graduate classes, leading his students from critiquing research papers to generating research ideas. Even in the time of the pandemic, with the help of technology, academic exchange and knowledge building continue. (Full video:

Dr. Bowman joins the faculty at Texas Tech University, having spent the past eight years at West Virginia University. A graduate of Michigan State University, his research focuses on entertainment and persuasive applications of interactive media, such as video games, augmented and virtual reality, and social media.

China’s Military Political Commissar System under PLA Modernization/ Professionalization

““will China’s military modernization and professionalization change the institution of political commissars in the People’s Liberation Army?” The incoming development of technology, the revolution in military affairs, and the changing composition of PLA personnel will all contribute in accelerating the transition away from a symbiotic party-army relationship to increasing institutional autonomy. The concept of professionalization […]

Transforming Mathematics Education in the U.S. through Eastern Pedagogy and Policy

“Every so often someone asks me: ‘What’s your favorite country, other than your own?’ I’ve always had the same answer: Taiwan. ‘Taiwan? Why Taiwan?’ people ask. Very simple: Because Taiwan is a barren rock in a typhoon-laden sea with no natural resources to live off of—it even has to import sand and gravel from China for construction—yet it […]

Promoting Cooperation as an Outsider: Taiwan’s Engagement with the World

“Today Taiwan is an advanced economy with a high standard of living and relatively equitable wealth distribution. Its self-ruling government is a stable democracy, and the body politic partakes in open and lively national discourse. The level of political and economic cohesion present in this society is a sufficient condition to establish a sovereign state. […]

A Journey to Explore Knowledge and Obtain Experiences on Springs Protection and Restoration in Florida

“My objective was to gain knowledge and experience from the administrators, researchers, and community leaders in spring protection and restoration in Florida. By staying at Stetson University in Florida from July to September 2017, I visited springs and lagoons, discussed spring protection with community leaders, observed research sites and activities, and read governmental reports related […]

Researching the Cross-Strait Implications of Taiwan’s Democratization

“During my two years in China, I traveled widely and visited many history museums. They all seemed to have at least a few exhibits dedicated to detailing the horrors inflicted on China by imperialist powers in the past and warning against Western values. I never saw a protest in China. Many nights, I watched the […]

New online program featuring Fulbright Scholar: Jane Ingram Allen

Fulbright Scholar, as well as one of Fulbright Hall of Fame laureates, Jane Ingram Allen, has done an online Zoom program for Yolo Arts “Knowledge at Noon” on July 8, 2020. “The program goes over my process of making paper from local plant materials and creating my handmade paper art at several different artist in […]

Fulbright Application in 2 Minutes

Have you ever experienced situations similar to these: Heard of the Fulbright Scholarship but have little knowledge about the application process?Interested in the information sessions but is too busy to attend?Overwhelmed by the information on our website that you don’t know where to begin? No worries, we have prepared a short introduction video which only […]

New TV show co-hosted by Fulbright Fellow: Eliana Ritts

Last December, Fulbright fellow, Eliana Ritts, co-hosted with TITV’s international news team, and did an interview with heads of TITV and Indigenous television stations from Canada and New Zealand on “ITA.看世界”. Besides talking about why and how they established their indigenous media, they also give a good introduction to Indigenous media more broadly, and also […]