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[Press Release] Fulbright Thought Leaders Forum: Leadership Challenge for the 21 Century: Equity, Ethics, and Globalization


(Taipei, Taiwan) To celebrate “60 years of educational exchange,” the Foundation for Scholarly Exchange (also known as Fulbright Taiwan) will host an event "Leadership Challenge for the 21 Century: Equity, Ethics, and Globalization" on June 2nd. Richard Bush(卜睿哲), Brookings scholar, Taiwan expert, and Michael Sandel (邁可‧桑德爾), TED Talk star and a Harvard ethicist will give Keynote Speech on “Leadership and Globalization” and “Leadership and Ethics.” They will also join a round table discussion on “Equity, Ethics, and Globalization: Thoughts for Taiwan” with Yun-han Chu (朱雲漢), Carl K.Y. Shaw (蕭高彥) of Academia Sinica, Yun Fan (范雲), Ching-yi Liu (劉靜怡) of National Taiwan University. In addition, Shin-chou Fang (方新舟) of Junyi Academy, Joseph Huang (黃男州) of E.Sun FHC., William H. Mobley of Mobley Group Pacific, and Ching-yi Liu (劉靜怡) of National Taiwan University will join the panel discussion on: “Leadership and Equity.”

Dr. William Vocke, the Executive Director of the Foundation says, “The Foundation for Scholarly Exchange (also known as Fulbright Taiwan), is very proud to celebrate the 60 of Educational Exchange in 2017. We hope this signature scholarship which symbolizes U.S. – Taiwan friendship will continue to provide opportunities for Taiwan scholars and students to see the world, and invite Americans to see Taiwan.”

Richard C. Bush 卜睿哲
Richard C. Bush is an American expert on Taiwan and China affairs. He has served in the National Intelligence Council (NIC), and as head of the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT), and has been actively observing international affairs in East Asia for 30 years. Currently, he is the Director of Center for Northeast Asian Policy Studies (CNAPS) of the Brookings Institution and a Senior Fellow of Foreign Policy. His research area covers international affairs in East Asia, especially the bilateral relations between U.S. and Taiwan, China, Japan, and Korea.

Michael Sandel 邁可‧桑德爾
Michael Sandel is a TED Talk star, American political philosopher and a Harvard ethicist. His course “Justice” is the first Harvard course to be made freely available online and on television with millions of viewers. He is one of Foreign Policy's Top 100 Global Thinkers, Sandel has been described as “the most relevant living philosopher,” “a rock-star moralist" (Newsweek), and “the most famous teacher of philosophy in the world.” (New Republic)

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In addition, 2018-2019 Fulbright Scholarships application for Taiwanese is open now. For students the deadline is August 1; for language teachers who applies for the Foreign Language Teaching Assistant Program (FLTA), the deadline is August 15; for scholars, professionals, and for the Distinguished Awards in Teaching Program (DA) the deadline is October 31, 2016. To encourage students to study and research in the U.S. Fulbright Taiwan increased the stipends available for Ph.D. students and also expanded the doctoral dissertation research grantees to the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields. For Ph.D. students and doctoral candidates, scholarships from USD 3,000 to USD 45,000 are now available for application.

The Fulbright program also offers Language Teaching awards. The Foreign Language Teaching Assistant Program (FLTA) provides opportunities for young teachers to go to the United States for one year to teach and assist Mandarin education at American universities and take course work. They are provided with tuition, housing, airfare, and a stipend. The Distinguished Awards in Teaching Program (DA) provides funding for highly accomplished Taiwan K-12 educators to take part in an intensive professional development program for four months in the United States. Along with their studies, DAs will promote Mandarin teaching in the United States.

For further information and a full list of Fulbright Taiwan programs please visit: Or contact Ms. Lin: 02-2388-2100 ext. 112

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