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[Announcement] 2018-2019 FSE English Teacher Training Awards


FSE English Teacher Training & Research Awards
2018-2019 FSE TEFL Scholarship
(Up to 3 awards)

Scholarship website:

§ Grant Description and Purpose

These grants provide qualified TEFL teachers or professors with the opportunity to spend one year as Academic Advisors of the Fulbright English Teaching Assistants (ETA) program. Advisors work with the American ETAs and their counterpart Taiwanese Local English Teachers (LETs).

The purpose is to enhance the ETAs and LETs professional expertise through visits, observations, consultations and coordination. Through supervising these outstanding American and Taiwanese English teachers, the Advisors contribute and enhance the English Teaching environment in Taiwan. In cooperation with local universities.

§ Duration

The duration of the grant is normally for 12 months begins from July 15th , 2018. With Selection Committee approval, renewing for a second and final 12 months maybe considered.

§ Benefits

Full Grant (up to 3 awards)
1. Monthly stipend of NT$60,000 – NT$80,000 (Depends upon the degree and qualifications of the grantee)
2. A Round-trip airfare between Taiwan and US.
3. National Health Insurance
4.Travel reimbursement for the transportation costs incurred in traveling between locations; Hotel reimbursement up to NT$2500 per night due to business travel between locations.

The grant experience offers close professional interactions with Taiwanese’s TEFL teachers and local professors. Recipients have many opportunities to travel around the island, visit major cities and see beautiful remote areas, including the indigenous areas. 

§ Eligibility Criteria

A. Applicants with a Master’s degree and TEFL teaching experience are eligible who:
1. Currently teach or conduct research in TEFL in an institution in Taiwan or other English speaking country.
2. Hold official citizenship from Taiwan or from a native English speaking country.
3. Are a native English speaker or are fluent in English

B. Applicants with a Ph.D. degree, who hold official citizenship from Taiwan or are from a native English speaking country, are eligible who:
1. Have been in a relevant field of English teaching experiences for more than 2 years.
2. Have held the rank of assistant professor (or its equivalent) or higher for at least two years, and are affiliated with a university or research institution in Taiwan or other English speaking country.


§ Training Activities

Primary activity – Professional Development of Teachers:
Instruct Local English Teachers (LETs) and Fulbright English Teaching Assistants (ETAs), with the cooperation of local staff and professors at each site. ETAs are usually co-teaching with LETs in elementary and a few junior high schools. The recipients are a crucial part of the team coordinated by Fulbright Taiwan. They need to engage in the following:

- Locations:  Yilan、Kaohsiung、Kinmen、Taichung、Taipei、Taitung、Hualien
- Summer Training: Provide some teacher training instruction for ETAs and LETs in August, Teacher training is spread over the month.
- Workshops: For each 18-week semester, each recipient runs approximately 4 different Wednesday afternoon TEFL workshops focused on practical applications (rotating weekly among different locations);
- Reports: Provide written feedback on some of the 16 ETAs weekly or bi-weekly reports.
- Teaching observations: Attend and comment on up to 16 of each semester’s classroom observations;
- Consultation: Provide, on request, individual advice to ETAs and LETs regarding co-teaching and teaching methods.
- Organize 2 days training forum: Organizing the 2 days co-teaching forum for all the ETAs and LETs at the Mid Year Conference
- Camps: Instruct the ETAs about the content of the English Camps in remote areas and their sites as part of ETAs’ community service.
- Cultural Events: participate in the host family gatherings, dragon boat festival, ETA school interviews, and promotional sessions of ETA Program.

§ How to apply?

Submit the following required document to Foundation of Scholarly Exchange, postmarked no later than February 26 , 2018
-  A purpose of statement in English for teacher training & research
-  English CV (with your cell phone number or easy-to-be contacted number) and email address.
-  2 English or Chinese recommendation letters
-  Academic transcripts and degree certification
-  Copy of R.O.C. ID card or the copy of passport of other English speaking countries.

The mailing address is:
The Foundation for Scholarly Exchange
2F, 45 Yanping South Road
Taipei 10043, Taiwan

Contact person:
Ms. Kelly Chang 
Tel: 886-2-2388-2100#136
Fax: 886-2-2388-2855

§ Selection Procedure

1. A Selection Committee reviews all application documents
2. Some candidates will have Skype interviews upon special request.
2. Candidates will then formally be notified before the end of March, 2018.


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