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[Announcement] Fulbright Thought Leader Forum: Leadership Challenge in the 21st Century: Equity, Ethics, and Globalization


Richard Bush, Brookings scholar, Taiwan expert, and Fulbright alumni, and Michael Sandel, Harvard ethicist, scholar, & TED Talk star will give Keynote speeches on “Leadership and Globalization” and “Leadership and Ethics” at the Fulbright Thought Leader Forum on June 2nd, 2017. Yun-Han Chu and Carl Kao-Yienne Shaw from Academia Sinica, Yun Fan, and Lily I-Wen Su from National Taiwan University will join the conversations.

Furthermore, Shin-Chou Fang of Junyi Academy, William H. Mobley of University of Macau, and Ching-Yi Liu of National Taiwan University will discuss “Leadership and Equity.” Please seize this rare opportunity to meet these world class thought leaders.

Please call 02-2388-2100 ext. 143 Ms. Wang for registration. Or go to the forum website and use the educational ticket code "#FacultyStudent" for registration.

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