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FSE Mental Health Advisor Award


FSE Mental Health Advisor Award

The FSE Mental Health Advisor provides multi-culturally attuned clinical counseling services (i.e., therapy, assessment, crisis management, consultation, and outreach) to support the Fulbright English Teaching Assistants (ETAs) and Fulbright Fellows in Taiwan. In addition to having a general expert knowledge of mental health and psychological functioning, the ideal candidate is expected to have specialized training in multicultural psychology and experience and proficiency in addressing issues of culture, gender identity, sexual orientation, racial and ethnic identity, and other aspects of identity within the context of psychotherapy and counseling for young adults.


The duration of the grant is normally for 11 months beginning after July 15th, 2020 and before July 25th, 2020. With Selection Committee approval, renewal for a second and final 11 months may be considered.


•Monthly stipend of NT$60,000–$80,000 (depending on the degree and qualifications of the grantee) (this stipend is equivalent to the salary of an assistant professor in Taiwan; living costs in Taiwan are 60-70% lower than living costs in the US)
•Round-trip airfare between Taiwan and current residence
• Travel: reimbursement for transportation costs incurred in traveling between locations
• Supervision: up to 50 hours clinical supervision by a licensed psychologist or social worker (pending institutional accreditation)
• Settling allowance of NT$36,000 upon arrival
• National Health Insurance
• Travel reimbursement for transportation costs incurred in traveling between locations; hotel reimbursement up to NT$2,500 per night for to business travel
• The grant experience offers opportunities to work with racially, ethnically, gender and sexually diverse clients who are serving as Fulbright ETAs in ten cities and counties in Taiwan. Recipients have many opportunities to travel around Taiwan, to visit major cities and see beautiful remote areas, including the aboriginal tribes. (*The permanent office venue will be based in Taipei)


A.Applicants with a Master’s degree and counseling experience are eligible who:
1. Hold official citizenship from Taiwan or from a native English-speaking country or English-as-an-official-language country.
2. Are a native English speaker or are fluent in English.
3. Have earned an advanced degree in clinical or counseling psychology (i.e., MA/MEd in Counseling, Counselor Education, or Social Work, or equivalent) from an accredited educational institution.
4. Have experience working with students in a college/university counseling center or similar setting.
5. Have training and experience with gender-diverse, LGBTQ, and racially and ethnically diverse clients with a commitment to equal opportunity and inclusivity.

B. Applicants with a Ph.D. degree, who hold official citizenship from Taiwan or a native English-speaking country or English-as-an-official- language country, are eligible who have completed an APA-accredited internship,


C. Licensed counseling psychologists, who hold official citizenship from Taiwan or a native English-speaking country or English-as-an-official- language country

*While a background in Mandarin is useful, it is not necessary for the position.

Responsibilities & Expectations

The FSE Staff Counselor/Psychologist will:
• Conduct workshops on acculturation, diversity, and emotional well-being for ETAs during orientation in August, Mid-Year Conference, and other ETA gatherings.
• Provide workshops for FSE staff、local Taiwanese teachers about diversity and cultural awareness.
• Provide short-term individual psychotherapy, crisis intervention, and case management.
• Maintain a multicultural perspective and sensitivity throughout all levels of their work.
• Use clinical assessments as applicable to formulate diagnostic impressions and to track students' symptoms and progress in treatment.
• Determine, with supervisor, those ETAs requiring a higher level of care and/or referrals and assist ETAs in connecting with referrals as needed.
• Maintain timely and comprehensive counseling records.
• Must be responsive to work-related phone calls and emails during non-business hours on occasion.
• Locations of Travel: Yunlin, Changhua, Hualien, Kaohsiung, Kinmen, Taichung, Taipei, Taitung, Yilan

How to Apply

Interested candidates should submit the following required documents to the Foundation of Scholarly Exchange, with the postmarked or email dated no later than March 31, 2020:
• A statement of purpose in English for counseling in a multi-cultural environment
• English CV (with your cell phone number or easy-to-be contacted number) and email address.
• 2 English or Chinese recommendation letters.
  For the junior licensed psychologist, please provide at least one letter from the supervisor of the internship site
  For the senior licensed psychologist, please provide at least one letter from the superior of your current position
• Academic transcripts and degree certification.
• Copy of R.O.C. ID card or the copy of passport of other English-speaking countries.

Materials should be submitted to:

The Foundation for Scholarly Exchange
2F, 45 Yanping South Road
Taipei 10043, Taiwan

or by email to:

Ms. Ariel Peng
Tel: 886-2-2388-2100#192
Fax: 886-2-2388-2855

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