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For Americans: New Scholarship Opportunities in Taiwan


Scholars, postdocs, language teachers, students, and professionals who plan to visit East Asia now have a new destination with a strong and vibrant research community, a clean and convenient living environment, and open-minded, friendly people. The Foundation for Scholarly Exchange (FSE) hosts the prestigious Fulbright Taiwan Scholarship Program and is ready to assist you with your next innovative idea.

Four new scholarships and up to 20 additional seats, a total of up to 95, are now available.

  • Adding to the strong humanities and social science focus, the new “Cross-strait Studies Scholarship” supports researchers who focus on contemporary topics for mainland China and Taiwan, a maximum of USD 105,500 will be awarded for each scholar.
  • The new “Postdoc Scholarship” supports up to 6 grantees who plan to work with Taiwan academic institutions.
  • The new “MA Degree Scholarship” supports graduate students interested in International Studies, Communications, Design, or Agricultural Economics, with tuition waiver, round trip airfare, and monthly allowance. These MA programs are taught in English.
  • A Distinguished Teacher Award for K-12 scholars will bring two experienced teachers to Taiwan for a semester to study, undertake a project, and provide classroom expertise.
  • For college graduates who are eager to explore a different culture, the English Teaching Assistant (ETA) Program will host up to 15 additional ETAs for a total of 78.

Dr. William Vocke, the Executive Director of FSE says, “These are all important new opportunities. In particular, the Cross-strait Studies Scholarship is an important step for the United States, Taiwan, and China to explore a new avenues of exchange and cooperation. The Fulbright Taiwan vision is, ‘a world with a little more knowledge, and a little less conflict,’ and we are happy to provide this opportunity.”

Scholars, post-docs, MA students, Teachers, and ETAs should consider applying. The supportive research environment, attractive living conditions, and rich, creative culture will help you turn a new page to your life. To apply for the scholarship at Fulbright Taiwan, visit or (students) or (scholars)

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