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[Alumni News] Sung Yao Ting, Vice President of NTNU wins Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund and developed a successful program to help disadvantaged students to learn English


A Fulbright alumni team led by Dr. Sung Yao Ting (2002-2003 Scholar), the vice president of National Taiwan Normal University, was one of the winners of the 2017 U.S. Department of State Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund. Dr. Sung and his team used the “Diagnosis and Certification of English Competence” (DCEC) diagnostic tool to identify “level-zero” (low English competencies) seventh grade students and provide them with weekly remedial English lessons taught by instructors trained by the AEIF alumni team.

After receiving remedial English lessons designed by PASSION-FB, students’ post-DCEC test results showed that their vocabulary, listening, and grammar scores improved by 71%, 65%, and 53%, respectively. In addition, 90% of students reported a sense of achievement in English learning, and 85% of students said they were more motivated to learn English.

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