Serve Taiwan’s Community (Option 1)

The Fulbright English Teaching Assistant (ETA) Program needs your investment in Taiwan’s kids and young Americans to make a difference for the future.

Give Back and Bridge the Gap

● Fulbright Taiwan ETA program is the most successful English language co-teaching program in the world.
● Over 21,600 students in 70 schools in Taiwan each year have the chance to learn from a native-speaking American -- help increase that impact!
● More than 10 aboriginal schools and schools in remote area are served by these young Americans through co-teaching English Camps and English Villages.

 Support the ETA Program

1. Make a Difference
●  Life changing experience for students, ETAs, Local English Teachers (LETs), schools, and communities
●  Enhance understanding and friendship between the U.S. and Taiwan

2. Targeting minority, remote or underprivileged counties

3. Donor Commitment
●  3+ year for 8 ETAs
●  Major Funding : 6 ETAs each year
●  Partial Funding : 1 ETA each year

Contact Information

Dr. William Vocke,, TEL: 886-2-2388-2100 ext. 142
Mr. Clarence Fu,, TEL: 886-2-2388-2100 ext. 142

Be Part of the Life Changing Experience (Option 2)

The Fulbright Joint Scholarship Program invites you to be a part of the U.S. flagship scholarship program which supports life changing experiences for Taiwan and American scholars and students.

Support a Future Star
● Sponsor a future star or a young talent to build knowledge for Taiwan and the U.S.
● Imagine a Fulbright Scholarship listing your company name, and be connected to this prestigious network.
● Give back to the community and invest in the U.S. – Taiwan people-to-people exchange.
● Discover Fulbright as your partner to make your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals come true.

● Support and Nurture Future Leaders
More than 1,500 Taiwan & 1,300 U.S. elites have accomplished their higher education and exchange   experience through the program, including: Minister of the Interior Dr. Jiunn-rong Yeh (葉俊榮) and Choreographer Mr. Lin Hwai-min (林懷民). Help invest in human capital.

● Imagine Fulbright-[your company name] Scholarship
Be associated with the most prestigious international exchange program established in 1946 between the United States and 155 countries.

● Contribute to the U.S. – Taiwan Relationship
Fulbright Taiwan selects and supports the brightest minds to secure a better future for Taiwan and the United States.

● Reach Your CSR Goals and Be Recognized
Fulbright has the economies of scale so your company can participate and be recognized in CSR without a foundation or allocating HR to administering such a program; meanwhile enhance the CSR visibility of your company.


1. Fellowships Possibilities
● Fulbright – technology firm (computer science, engineering) Scholarship
● Fulbright – bank (accounting, economics, management) Scholarship
● Fulbright – media enterprise (communications, journalism) Scholarship
● Fulbright – manufacturing company (physics, chemistry) Scholarship
● Fulbright – philanthropist’s name (all academic areas) Scholarship
● Fulbright – Sun Yat-sen (history, politics) Scholarship
● Fulbright – personal name (your name) Scholarship
● Fulbright – school name (your school name) Scholarship
● Fulbright – artist’s name (music, theatre, art) Scholarship

2. Sponsor’s Support
● One TW or U.S. student to exchange each year
● One TW or U.S. scholar to exchange each year
● 3+ year commitment

3. Global Examples
● Fulbright - MALIK (Indonesia)
● Fulbright - Telstra (Australia)
● Fulbright - Corning (Ireland)
● Fulbright - Wallace Arts Trust (New Zealand)
● Fulbright - Nuclear Science and Technology (Australia)
● Fulbright - Bank of America (Asia) & AIG (Hong Kong)

Contact Information
Dr. William Vocke,, TEL: 886-2-2388-2100 ext. 142
Mr. Clarence Fu,, TEL: 886-2-2388-2100 ext. 142


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