Doctoral Dissertation Fulbright Research Grants





(Attention! We are providing grants to STEM field applicants!)

§ Description and Purpose

The grants are designed to assist doctoral candidates at Taiwan universities in all academic fields in: applied policy/social sciences, arts, business, culture, education, humanities, information, media, social sciences, and STEM field. Grantees working on a doctoral dissertation topics consult scholars, collect data, and/or audit courses at a U.S. university or research institution.


§ Benefits (up to 5 awards):

  • A fixed sum from US$10,000 to US$20,000, prorated over the grant period. (the duration of grants ranges from 5 to 10 months) 
  • A lump sum of US$3,000 for educational enrichment
  • Possible placement services by IIE
  • Possible placement in a three-week summer pre-academic program in the U.S., with expenses paid for room, board, book allowance, and travel allowance.


§ Eligibility Criteria:

Applicants are eligible who:

  • 1. Are physically present in Taiwan during the year prior to the grant
  • 2. Have completed at least 2 years of doctoral-level study in Taiwan, and have an approved dissertation topic for which special materials or advisors are available in the U.S. in the appropriate field. After the end of the grant period, grantees must return to Taiwan to finish their doctoral-level study.
  • 3. Can be physically present for an oral interview in the middle of August (tentatively scheduled on August 23, 2019), at Fulbright Taiwan in Taipei
  • 4. TOEFL scores (minimum iBT score 80) or IELTS score (minimum score 6.5) taken since August, 2018. Or upload a test appoint confirmation to our application system. (Test date MUST before September 30, 2019).
  • 5. Meet the Grant Conditions and Provisions (
  • 6.Applicants are ineligible who:
    1) Are currently studying in the US
    2) Have received Fulbright Student Grant twice
    3) Wish to pursue studies as medical students. However, applicants with medical degrees may receive grants for advanced academic study, but not for internships or residencies.
  • 7. The duration of the grant ranges from 5 to 10 months. The grant must begin no earlier than August 1, 2020. They must end no later than August 31, 2021.
  • 8. All other factors being equal, preference is given to applicants who has submitted all of the score report (including English score report and transcript).
  • 9. During the grant period, grantee must submit a research/ reflections report to FSE Online Journal (


§ Application Procedure

Apply online no later than August 1, 2019. For application 
information, please go to the following website:


Submit the hard copy of following required documents to Fulbright Taiwan, postmarked no later than 
August 1, 2019.
• Hard copies of your completed on-line application form (filled in English, including application form, 
project statement, English CV, highest chief administrator approval form, financial statement of other 
grants/ scholarships which will be used in the same period of Fulbright grant, and passport copy)
• Chinese CV (the translation version of your English CV with your cell phone number and mailing 
. We’ll deliver the notification letter via post mail after the nomination list is confirmed.)
• 3 English recommendation letters (if your referees do not want to complete recommendation letters 
• One copy of authorized transcripts for undergraduate studies and for graduate studies in sealed 
envelopes (including for exchange studies; MUST be in English for IIE); “sealed envelopes” means that 
you have to ask school to stamp on the flap of the envelope to prove that the transcripts are authorized by school.
• Certificate of degree for all degrees earned (MUST be in English for IIE); foreign certificates of degree must be authenticated by Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA). For more information, please visit MOFA’s 
website ( All certificates of degrees will be sent to IIE.
• Certificate of enrollment in PhD program. If school cannot issue the certificate by our deadline, please 
submit a copy of your student ID card (both sides). Applicants should submit the certificate of 
enrollment by September 30, 2019.

The mailing address is:台北市10043延平南路45號 2樓
                                 傅爾布萊特交換計畫 (Doctoral Dissertation)


Application process has been completed! Wait for the notification letter!

For updated information, please contact Ms. Lisa Lin,
Tel︰(02) 2388-2100 ext 112 / Fax:(02) 2388-2855


§ Selection Procedure

August  In the middle of August (tentatively scheduled on August 23, 2019), a Selection Committee 
(academic peers from a variety of disciplines, Board members, and staff) reviews all documents 
and research proposals, conducts oral interviews with applicants and recommends a slate for final selection by Fulbright Taiwan’s Board. Applicants who can’t physically present for an oral interview will be deemed to waive. 
September ● Applicants are notified by Fulbright Taiwan of nomination/non-nomination at the end of 
September after the Board meeting and their nomination is also sent to the J. William Fulbright 
Foreign Scholarship Board (FFSB) for final confirmation. IIE will provide services for applying host institutions simultaneously.
● The grant is then subject to:
a. Approval by the J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board (FFSB)
b. Acceptance of the candidate's research proposal by a U.S. institution 
February of the 
following year 
Final approval is then normally received by Fulbright Taiwan in April and conveyed to grantees as 
soon as received.
*Please be noted that all Taiwan grantees travel to U.S. must hold a J-type visa for academic and 
cultural exchange programs. Please refer to the following link for more visa-related details:



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