Foreign Language Teaching Assistant Fulbright Program, Chinese Teachers from Taiwan, FLTA


Foreign Language Teaching Assistant Fulbright Program, Chinese Teachers from Taiwan, FLTA
(to teach or assist Chinese classes in the U.S.)



There is a second-round FLTA recruitment for having more FLTAs to fit U.S. universities’ needs. The related deadlines will be:
1. Please take iBT or IELTS (academic) by November 30, 2018.
2. Please submit the application by November 12, 2018.
3. The scheduled interview date is November 29, 2018.

§ Description and Purpose

The Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant (FLTA) Program is sponsored by the United States Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) and Taiwan Ministry of Education, and administered by the Institute of International Education (IIE).

The FLTA Program enables early-career educators from overseas to go to the U.S. They refine their teaching skills, increase their English language proficiency, and extend their knowledge of the cultures and customs of the United States, while engaging in non-degree studies at accredited post-secondary U.S. educational institutions. Along with their studies, FLTAs teach language courses, supervise language labs, and lead language table discussions. FLTAs may also act as resource persons in conversation groups, cultural representatives, attendants in language laboratories, coordinators of extra-curricular activities, guest speakers in civilization courses, head's of language clubs, houses, tables and much more.



  • 1. Are for 9 months, the grant period cannot extend.
  • 2. May assist in or teach up to 20 hours of language classes a week
  • 3. Are required to enroll in at least 2 courses per semester, one of which must be in U.S. Studies; the remaining coursework should relate to their careers in original fields teaching.
  • 4. Are expected to facilitate cultural events, language clubs, and language tables
  • 5. Are required to attend a U.S.-based orientation sponsored by ECA during the summer, right before the FLTA grant.
  • 6. Are required to attend a mid-year enrichment conference in the United States, hosted by ECA and coordinated by IIE

§ Benefits:

  • 1. Room and Board (offered by host university)
  • 2. Travel allowance: a direct, round-trip economy-class air ticket (for return ticket, please confirm with Fulbright Taiwan) , and a baggage allowance of US$250
  • 3. Monthly stipend (offered by host university)
  • 4. Placement services by IIE.
  • 5. Placement in a summer orientation in the U.S., with expenses paid for travel allowance by IIE.
  • If selected FLTAs don’t have certificate of TCSL, FSE will support to have one basic TCSL program.

§ Eligibility Criteria: 

  • 1. Reside in Taiwan at the time of application, the year prior to the grant (2019)
  • 2. Possess the equivalent of a U.S. Bachelor's degree with a good academic record (Master's degrees are highly desirable at many institutions)
  • 3. Be teachers of the following fields (TESL and TCSL are preferred)
    Teaching English as Second Language
    Teaching Chinese as Second Language
    Language Teaching related fields
  • 4. Be fluent in English, as demonstrated by a score of no less than 79 (iBT) or 6.0 (IELTS), taken since March, 2017. Or upload a test appointment confirmation to our application system (test date MUST before September 30, 2018).
  • 5. Are required to secure visas in time for host institution reporting dates. Failure to do so may result in the loss of the assistantship.
  • 6. Clearly demonstrate maturity, dependability, integrity and professionalism
  • 7. Be outgoing and dynamic individuals with a great sense of humor
  • 8. Meet the Grant Conditions and Provisions (
  • 9. All other factors being equal, preference is given to applicants who has submitted all of the score report (including English score report and transcript).
  • 10. During the grant period, grantee must submit a research/ reflections report to FSE Online Journal (

§ Application Procedure:

  • 1. Apply online no later than August 15, 2018. For application information, please visit the following website:
  • 2. Submit the following required documents to Fulbright Taiwan, postmarked no later than August 15, 2018: 
    ●Hard copies of your completed on-lined application form (filled in English, including application form, English CV, English transcripts for all degrees (university and post-graduate), degree certificate, certificate of enrollment or employment certificate, iBT/IELTS score report or appointment confirmation, and passport copy.) 
    ● Chinese CV (the translation version of your English CV with your cell phone number or easy-to-be contacted number)
    ● 3 English recommendation letters (if your referees do not want to complete recommendation letters on line and please do ask for the specific form from our foundation)
    ●One copy of authorized transcripts for undergraduate studies and for graduate studies in sealed envelopes (including for exchange studies; MUST be in English for IIE); “sealed envelopes” means that you have to ask school to stamp on the flap of the envelope to prove that the transcripts is authorized by school.
    ●Certificate of degree for all degrees earned (MUST be in English for IIE); foreign certificates of degree must be authenticated by Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA). For more information, please visit MOFA’s website (
    ●Certificate of enrollment. If school cannot issue the certificate by our deadline, please submit a copy of your student ID card (both sides). Applicants should submit the certificate of enrollment by September 30, 2018.
  • The mailing address is:
    The Foundation for Scholarly Exchange
    (Fulbright Taiwan) (FLTA)
    2F, 45 Yanping South Road
    Taipei 10043, Taiwan
  • 3. For updated information, please visit our website ( or contact Ms. Lisa Lin, Tel: (02) 2388-2100 ext. 112; Fax: (02) 2388-2855


§ Selection Procedure:

  • 1. In mid-September, a Selection Committee (academics, Board members, and staff) reviews all application documents and conducts oral interviews with candidates. Candidates are informed in writing if they are to be invited for the interview, and must be physically present for this interview.
  • 2. The Committee then recommends a slate of candidates for selection by Fulbright Taiwan’s Board in September.
  • 3. Applicants are notified by Fulbright Taiwan of their nomination/non-nomination immediately after the Board meeting. Their nomination is also sent to the J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board (FFSB) for final confirmation.
  • 4. The grant is then subject to:
    a. Approval by the J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board (FFSB)
    b. The candidate's placement with a U.S. institution approved by Fulbright Taiwan
  • 5. Final approval is then normally received by Fulbright Taiwan in April and conveyed to grantees as soon as received.


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