The Foundation for Scholarly Exchange (FSE) annually offers up to 10 ten-month full grants for U.S. students who possess at least a bachelor's degree to come to Taiwan to study or conduct research. In addition, up to 115 eleven-month English Teaching Assistantships (full grants) are offered for college graduates who wish to co-teach English at elementary or junior high schools in Taiwan.

Profiles of previous and current grantees can be viewed here.


Up to 8 awards (length of grant: 10 months) for student who wish to study or conduct research projects in Taiwan.

Grants begin in September. A working knowledge of Mandarin or Taiwanese is strongly encouraged, but not required. If applications plan to conduct dissertation research in Traditional Chinese studies, they must have the necessary language skills. Also, it is required that applicants identify appropriate host institutions for their projects and that they include affiliation letters with their Fulbright applications.

In addition, if the research project requires it and the Fulbright Commission approves, up to one-fifth of the total grant period may be spent in mainland China with unsuspended maintenance.


Up to 8 awards (length of grant: 12 months) for students who must have received a bachelor’s degree prior to enrollment and intend to pursue a two year master's degree. Strong academic credentials in their area of specialization are expected. A good capacity for studying and living in a cross-cultural setting is necessary. Candidates must specify to which university program they are applying and will be evaluated against that cohort.

In cooperation with prestigious local universities, Fulbright Taiwan is providing fellowships to complete local MA degree programs. Candidates must be accepted by both Fulbright Taiwan and one of the following university programs including:

National Chengchi University
i) International Master’s Program in Asian-Pacific Studies (IMAS)  Please see the detail.
ii) International Master’s Program in International Studies (IMPIS)  Please see the detail.
iii) International Master’s Program in International Communications Studies (IMICS) Please see the detail.

National Cheng Kung University
i) Master's Degree Program in Creative Industries Design. Please see the detail.
ii) Master's Degree Program in Energy Engineering. Please see the detail.

National Taiwan University
i) Master's Program in Agricultural Economics. Please see the datail.
ii) Master's Program in Global Health. Please see the detail.

- National Taiwan Normal University
i) Master's Program in International Human Resource Development. Please see the datail.

Benefit (continuation of benefits at one of the university programs listed as long as the candidate maintains satisfactory academic standards):
- Tuition Waiver (provided by the University): Tuition waivers for the number of credits required for graduation are granted to graduate students.
- Housing (provided by the University)
- Round Trip Airfare (provided by Fulbright Taiwan, return upon completion of the MA)
- National Health Insurance (provided by Fulbright Taiwan)
- Educational Enrichment (provided by Fulbright Taiwan)



Up to 115 awards (length of grant: 11 months) for students who wish to teach English to elementary or junior high school students in Taiwan. 

All grantees must begin their grants on August 1st in order to attend a four-week orientation program. The school year from September through June. Applicants from all majors are welcome but Education majors are especially encouraged to apply. Candidates must be native English-speakers and need to be adaptable, flexible, and independent, and need to enjoy working with children. Teaching experience is preferred, but not required.

For more information, see Fulbright Taiwan ETA program.


As for the above-listed awards about eligibility, terms of award, and the application process, please see Fulbright Student Program

Fulbright Student Program
Institute of International Education
809 United Nation Plaza
New York, NY 10017
Phone: (212) 984-5525


Selection and Application Process

Preliminary selection for these awards, from among applicants all over the United States, is conducted by the Institute of International Education (IIE)  in New York City. A panel of applicants recommended by IIE is then sent to FSE in Taiwan for final screening and selection by the Foundation's Selection Committee.
IIE has a website with detailed information about applications:

Applications must be completed and submitted approximately one year before the year the students plan to come to Taiwan. For further details about eligibility requirements and the application process, please contact the Fulbright Program Adviser on your campus, if you are presently enrolled at a university. At-large students should contact the IIE regional office nearest them:

U.S. Department of State Fulbright / U.S. Student Programs 809, United Nations Plaza, New York, NY 10017-3580
Phone: (212) 984-5330; Website:

Serving at large students from Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia and New England

401 North Wabash Avenue, Suite 722
Chicago, IL 60611
Phone: (312) 644-1400

Serving at-large students from Illinois, Indiana Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota and Wisconsin

IIE/Rocky Mountain
700 Broadway, Suite 112
Denver, CO 80203
Phone: (303) 837-0788

Serving at-large students from Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming

515 Post Oak Boulevard, Suite 150
Houston, TX 77027
Phone: (713) 621-6300

Serving at-large students Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas

IIE/West Coast
41 Sutter Street, Suite 510
San Francisco, CA 94104
Phone: (415) 362-6520

Serving at-large students from Alaska, California, Hawaii, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington

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