U.S. Fulbright Alumni


2009-2010 Fulbright Students (Study Grants)




Fulbright Junior Scholars

Name Academic Field
Richard Callahan Sociology
Carl A. Polley Linguistics
Bede B. Bidlack Theology & Religion
Brigid E. Vance Cultural and Intellectual History
Annie Li Public Health
Pauli Wai Language and literature
Cheng D. Chang Modern History
Elaine He Journalism
Anna-Alexandra Fodde-Reguer Area Studies
Chesna Jane Braniger Philosophy
Tonya Lynn Warren Philosophy



U.S. Department of Education Fulbright-Hays Grantee

Name Academic Field
Ethan R. Harkness Cultural and Intellectual History
Shirley Ye History
Gregory M. Patterson Chinese Literature
Kristen E. Looney Political Science
Meredith L. Schweig Musicology

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