U.S. Fulbright Alumni


2008-2009 Fulbright Scholars



Prof. Pui Tak Leung
Home Institution: Portland State University (Dept. of Physics)
Host Institution: National Taiwan University (Dept. of Physics)
Approximate Grant Dates: Sept. 2008-June 2009
Project: Computational Studies of the Quantum Effects in Plasmonics with Metallic Nanoparticles
Statement: I am a Physics professor from Portland State University in Oregon in the US, and spending my sabbatical year with the Fulbright (partial) scholarship as a visiting researcher at the Physics Department of National Taiwan University (NTU) in Taipei, Taiwan.

The research I am conducting in collaboration with Professor Tsai Din-Ping and his graduate students at NTU is in theoretical physics, mainly in the area of optics and plasmonics.  The latter is an emerging field referring to the study of the interaction between light and metals, especially metallic nanostructures.  While Professor Tsai?s group is largely an experimental research group, I have been working mainly with one student ? Mr. Huai-Yi Xie ? who is particularly interested in various theoretical aspects of the experiments being conducted.  Together, we have so far written five research papers and have four of them already published (or in press) in several international journals of the field.

So far my experience here has been very rewarding. The students’ morale and devotedness here is quite different from those I encountered in my US institution. In addition, the meeting with many other Fulbrighters during several conferences has left many valuable moments for me to save in my memory, and to recall for the days to come.


Prof Marcia Louise Rosal
Home Institution: Florida State University (Dept. of Art Education)
Host Institution: Taipei Municipal University of Education (Visual Arts Dept. and Art Therapy Program)
Approximate Grant Dates:  Sept.-Dec.. 2008
Project: Art Therapy Career Decisions in Taiwan

Prof. Benjamin Sloat
Home Institution: Art Institute of Boston (Dept. of Photography)
Host Institution: Meinung People’s Association
Approximate Grant Dates: Jan.-July 2009
Project: Photographing Meinung Township: “The Sound of Smoke”

Prof. Michael S. Timpson 
Home Institution: University of South Florida (School of Music)
Host Institution: Chai Found Music Workshop
Approximate Grant Dates: May-Aug. 2009
Project: Writing for Chinese Instruments: A Handbook of Orchestrational and Philosophical Approaches for Western Composers

Prof.Chen-Hsiang Yeang
Home Institution: Princeton Institute for Advanced Study (Simons Center for Systems Biology)
Host Institution: Academia Sinica (Institute of Statistical Science)
Approximate Grant Dates: Oct. 2008-July 2009
Project: Multi-Modeal Analysis for Genetic Alterations of Lung Cancer


Prof. Neil W. Bernstein
Home Institution: Ohio University (Dept. of Classics and World Religions)
Host Institution: National Taiwan University (Dept. of Drama and Theatre)
Approximate Grant Dates: Sept. 2008-June 2009
Project: Ancient Greek and Latin Language, Literature, Greco-Roman Civilation, History, Mythology,
Classical Tradition

Dr. John S. Bleuel
Home Institution: State University of West Georgia (Dept. of Music)
Host Institution: National Chengchi University
Approximate Grant Dates: Sept. 2008-Jan. 2009
Project: “Implement a Saxophone Course of Study-Taipei National University of the Arts”

Prof.Linda Li-Bleuel
Home Institution: Clemson University (Dept. of Performing Arts)
Host Institution: Chinese Culture University
Approximate Grant Dates: Sept. 2008—Jan. 2009)
Project: Serve as a Guest Artist/Professor at Chinese Culture University in Taipei, Taiwan

Prof. Otis Phillip Elliott
Home Institution: Southern University and Agricultural and Mechanical College—Baton Rouge
Host Institution: Education Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government
Approximate Grant Dates: Aug. 2008--June 2009
Project: TESOL education: EFL Teacher Training in Taiwan
Statement: It has been a wonderfully challenging experience so far. The people of Kaohsiung are very ambitious and are always asking us Fulbrighters to do as much as we can to develop English learning and teaching in the primary schools of the city. The ETAs work in 4 different English Villages (EV), which are sites with themed, simulated rooms, like "a post office", "a hotel", "a grocery store", etc., that serve ALL of the city's 5th graders, who go to the EVs to practice their oral English skills. The ETAs work 20 hours a week co-teaching English in grades 3 through 6, and also offering assistance to the 1st and 2nd graders. And there are many extra-curricular activities, like Speech Contests, Readers Theater, and so forth, so there is always plenty of teaching and learning English with the primary school children. And, there are a lot of support systems in place for us: American Institute in Taiwan (AIT)-Kaohsiung involves us in many of their events, the Kaohsiung Bureau of Education treats us to many cultural excursions to local areas, and the ETAs have Host Families that treat them like a part of their families and do many activities with them. The Foundation for Scholarly Exchange (FSE), located in Taipei, also involves us in many cultural and social events with other Taiwan Fulbrighters. It is easy to make new friends in Kaohsiung and public transportation is available, with metros and buses. The Program Adviser holds bi-weekly meetings with the co-teachers, teaches English to city principals, school teachers and staff, and gives lectures, such as to local university students studying comparative education. So, in a nutshell, if you come to Kaohsiung, you will play hard and you will work hard, and that helps pass your time in Taiwan in a very productive and worthwhile way. Please feel free to contact me at OPElliott@gmail.com "

Prof. Russell Jeung
Home Institution: San Francisco State University (Dept. of Asian-American Studies)
Host Institution: Tamkang University (Graduate Institute of American Studies)
Approximate Grant Dates: Sept. 2008—Jan. 2009
Project: Contrasting American Ethnicities

Prof. Evan W. Osborne
Home Institution: Wright State University (Dept. of Economics)
Host Institution: Soochow University (Dept. of International Business)
Approximate Grant Dates: Aug. 2008--June 2009
Project: Globalization


Prof. Latricia J. Trites
Home Institution: Murray State University (Dept. of English and Philosophy)
Host Institution: Teachers Center, Yilan Co., Yilan City
Approximate Grant Dates: Aug. 2008--June 2009
Project: EFL Teacher Training, Curriculum and Materials Development in Taiwan

Prof. Marian Alix Valenti
Home Institution: University of Houston-Clear Lake (Dept. of Administrative Sciences)
Host Institution: National Sun Yat-Sen University (College of Management)
Approximate Grant Dates: Sept. 2008—Jan. 2009
Project: Human Resources Management

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