FSE and National Chengchi University Jointly Signed an MOU on Fulbright EMI/CMI Master’s Degree Program Awards in Diplomacy

To significantly facilitate the sharing democratic values between Taiwan and the U.S., FSE and National Chengchi University (NCCU) completed the “Fulbright EMI/CMI Master’s Degree Program Awards in Diplomacy” MoU by Dr. Randall Nadeau, FSE Executive Director, and Dr. Li Tsai-Yen, President of NCCU, on September 20, 2022. We believe this program will be an incubator of […]

Fulbright Taiwan Alumni Chiu Ling-Ting Released a Book on Visual Thinking

The Foundation for Scholarly Exchange is happy to share our 2017-2018 Fulbright Non-Academic Professional Award Taiwan Grantee, Dr. Chiu Ling-Ting, just released her latest book “Visual Thinking: Seeking the Roles and Meanings of Eastern and Western Works from Art History, Natural History, Fashion History, and Technology History.” Chiu is the adjunct Assistant Professor of the […]

2022-2023 ETAs and ETFs are Ready for the New Semester

The arrival of all Fulbright English Teaching Assistants (ETAs) and English Teaching Fellows (ETFs) has become one of the cultural and educational exchange highlights between Taiwan and the U.S. every year. Upon all ETA/ETF Grantees’ arrivals in this summer, FSE prepared many English language teaching programs for them. Before the semester starts, all grantees were […]

Six NCCU Students Instructed by Fulbright U.S. Senior Scholar Douglas Kass, Received “2022 Taiwan Pitch Nonfiction Short Film Fund”

Douglas Kass, our 2021-2022 Fulbright U.S. Senior Scholar, is currently implementing his Fulbright Taiwan Grant at the College of Communication of National Chengchi University. While he is conducting his research “Film and Identity: Collaborative High Impact Teaching in Taiwan,” he is also teaching a documentary class at NCCU.  Six students among his class received the […]

Fulbright Talk on July 7, 2022

TOPIC“Addressing Mental Health Needs in Taiwan” SPEAKER Dr. Joshua K. Swift, 2021-2022 Fulbright U.S. Senior Scholar   Dr. Joshua K. Swift is an Associate Professor in Clinical Psychology at Idaho State University. Through his research, he seeks to identify means to encourage mental health treatment seeking in those with mental health needs, facilitate treatment completion for […]

FSE Welcomes 2022-2023 Taiwanese Mandarin Educator Grantees on Board

We the Foundation for Scholarly Exchange is thrilled to co-host the Pre-Departure Orientation and Reception for 2022-2023 Taiwanese Mandarin Educator Grantees on June 28-29, with American Institute in Taiwan and Taiwan Ministry of Education. Left to right: Dr. Randall Nadeau, FSE Executive Director; Dr. Nicole Lee, Director General, Department of International and Cross-strait Education, Taiwan […]

Fulbright Talk on July 1, 2022

WHAT WE HAVE(1) “Writing Working-class Taiwan” Speaker: Michael Meyer, 2021-2022 Fulbright U.S. Senior Scholar    (2) “Ordering Life and Death: The Autumn Assizes and the Production of Qing Central Justice” Speaker: Preetam Prakash, 2021-2022 Fulbright U.S. Fellow (3) “A Study of Pre-serve Teachers’ Constructivist Perspective on Mathematics Teaching in Taiwan”Speaker: Dr. Cheng-Yao Lin, 2021-2022 Fulbright U.S. […]

In Memory of a 2019-2022 Fulbright Taiwan ETA/ETF Grantee

Foundation for Scholarly Exchange (Fulbright Taiwan) is grieved today to announce the death of former ETA and ETF Melanie Carroll (Kinmen 2019-2021, Penghu 2021-2022) in a car accident near her home in Kentucky. Anna Dolliver (Kinmen 2019-2020, Hualien 2020-2021) was severely injured in the crash, but is out of danger and is recovering. Melanie Rose […]

Connecting US & Taiwan through Indigenous Peoples and Experiences: Negotiating Identities, Language, and Global Solidarities

This online panel presentation and Q&A will feature Indigenous Taiwanese leaders, organizers, and educators to highlight Indigenous perspectives in the contemporary context. Following the UN’s declaration that 2019 would be the International Year of Indigenous Languages, this event seeks to center Indigenous voices in reflecting on the state of Indigenous cultural and language revitalization both […]

FSE Presents an Exhibition of the NAFSA Annual Conference 2022 in Denver, Colorado

As the higher educational ties are getting more strengthened ever than before, FSE presents an exhibition of the NAFSA Annual Conference 2022 in Denver, Colorado. The NAFSA Annual Conference is now returned physically after two years, gathering thousands of international education experts from around the world to promote international education and exchanges.     “Study […]