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FSE English Teacher Training Award (EMI Advisor)

Description and Purpose

The FSE English as a Medium of Instruction (EMI) Specialist & Teacher Trainer scholarship program provides qualified EMI instructors or professors with the opportunity to spend 6 or 11 months as EMI Advisors and consultants for FSE / MOE EMI program participants who are teaching in EMI programs. Advisors also advise and supervise the teaching assistants in the English Teaching Flagship (ETF) program who are supporting and interacting with university students. 


The program aims to enhance professional expertise through visits, observations, consultations, and coordination with Taiwanese universities that are internationalizing their academic programs. Advisors contribute to create a better EMI teaching and learning environment in Taiwan and help EMI instructors enhance the quality of the EMI courses.


Note: The application process operates on an ongoing admission basis, subject to availability of space, with the deadline for non-current Fulbright Taiwan grantees being the end of May 2024.


Up to 20 awards




11 months


May, 2024


The duration of the grant is 6 or 11 months beginning. With the Selection Committee’s approval, renewal may be considered. The following are the duration dates of the grants.


  1. Aug. 1st to June 30th of the grant year (11 months)
  2. Aug. 1st to Jan. 31st of the grant year (6 months)
  3. Jan. 1st to June 30th of the grant year (6 months)


  1. Monthly stipend of NT$65,000 – NT$90,000 (depending upon the qualifications of the grantee).
  2. Round-trip airfare between Taiwan and current residence (for non-Taiwan residents).
  3. A settling-in allowance of NT$36,000 in the first month of the grant.
  4. National Health Insurance.
  5. Travel reimbursement for transportation costs incurred in traveling between locations; hotel reimbursement up to NT$3,000 per night for business travel between locations.
  6. The grant experience offers close professional interactions with Taiwanese EMI instructors and professors; recipients have many opportunities to travel around the island, visit major cities and see beautiful remote areas, including the indigenous areas.

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants with a Master’s degree and EMI/international student teaching experience are eligible who:

  1. Hold official citizenship from the US
  2. Are native English speakers or fluent in English
  3. Currently teach or conduct research in EMI or international student programs in any country, including Taiwan

Applicants with a Ph.D. degree and EMI/international student teaching experience are eligible who:

  1. Hold official citizenship from the US
  2. Are native English speakers or fluent in English
  3. Have been in the relevant field of EMI/international student teaching experiences for more than 2 years
  4. Have held the rank of assistant professor (or its equivalent) or higher for at least two years, and are affiliated with a university or research institution in Taiwan or another English-speaking country

Note: We do not specify any disciplines for the grants because EMI programs are developing in different fields in Taiwan. For EMI advisors who have TESOL/Education background, you will also advise and supervise some ETFs and ETAs in K-9 programs.

Training Activities

Primary Activity – Professional Development for teachers and professors:


Instruct EMI instructors and professors and American grantees who are supporting in the EMI program, with the cooperation of local staff and professors at each site. American grantees are usually supporting the teaching assistants (TAs) in the EMI programs and interact with and guide students to polish their English ability and enrich their cross-cultural awareness and global perspectives. They also help establish or support the writing center to create learning resources and implement speaking and writing consultation. EMI Advisors are a crucial part of the team coordinated by Fulbright Taiwan. They need to engage in the following. Please note that since EMI advisors may come to Taiwan at a different semester (for the 6-month grant), they may participate in somewhat different activities.

  1. Summer Training: Provide EMI teacher training for EMI instructors and professors and American grantees in August; teacher training is spread over the month.
  2. Workshops: For each 18-week semester, each advisor runs approximately 4 different weekday EMI workshops that focus on practical applications (rotating weekly among different locations).
  3. Reports: Provide written feedback on up to 16 American grantees’ bi-weekly reflective reports.
  4. Teaching observations: Attend and comment on classroom observations each semester.
  5. Consultation: Provide individual advice to American grantees and EMI instructors and professors regarding teaching pedagogies and EMI teaching techniques and tips.
  6. Forums: Organize training forums and teacher training programs.
  7. Camps: Instruct the American grantees about the content of the English Camps in remote areas and their sites as part of American grantees’ community service.
  8. Cultural Events: Participate in host family gatherings, Dragon Boat Festival, American grantees’ school interviews, and so on.
  9. Office Hours: There is a requirement of checking in to the base offices approximately 3 days per week. If there is any in-person training session or team meetings, it is mandatory to participate.

More Information Below

Application Procedure


We are accepting applications on a rolling basis. Please contact us via


  1. A Statement of Purpose in English for teacher training
  2. English CV (with your cell phone number or easy-to-be contacted number) and email address
  3. Two recommendation letters in English or Mandarin (TEFL and/or academic experience related)
  4. Academic transcripts and degree certification
  5. Copy of R.O.C. ID card or copy of U.S. passport
  6. 10-minute Teaching Demo Video (optional)

Please share the YouTube video with:


The Selection Committee reviews all application documents and notifies the candidates of an official English interview.

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