Fulbright Taiwan Mentorship Program

Be Engaged & Be Impacted

The Foundation for Scholarly Exchange aspires to engage and impact people for life by awarding scholarships, building knowledge, developing long-term relationships, and enhancing Taiwan-American ties. 


To put our mission into practice, FSE has launched the Fulbright Taiwan Mentorship Program since the summer of 2022, which provides an opportunity for U.S. alumni living in the U.S. to reconnect with FSE, support Fulbright programs, and devote themselves to welcoming and mentoring our Taiwan grantees. 


Alumni are our valuable resources. We aim to cultivate lasting relationships by connecting alumni with current Taiwan grantees, hoping that both alumni and grantees would benefit from the program. In this way, the Fulbright experience and influence would not be limited to the grant period but continue to cycle through alumni engagement and support. 

Program Plan

  • Recruit U.S. alumni to serve as mentors
  • Collect consents from Taiwan grantees to join the pool of mentees
  • Match mentors and mentees primarily with similar field, secondly with similar grant type (scholar with scholar, administrator with administrator, ETA with FLTA, etc.), and last but not least, ideally in the same city/area
  • One mentor may be matched with more than one mentee, but it is also possible not to be matched if there is no mentee with a similar background or hosted nearby in terms of distance
  • The mentorships can be flexible and informal, depending on the mutual consensus shared between the mentors and mentees, or, simply just make friends!


  • Mentors are U.S. alumni who currently live in the U.S. 
  • Serve as Fulbright Taiwan mentors voluntarily and unpaid
  • The term for a mentor is one year and can extend if a mentor desires to continue their volunteer service
  • Mentors should initiate the first meet-up virtually or in person with their paired mentees within three weeks after the matched group is released by FSE
  • Provide academic advice, cultural guidance, and practical suggestions about living in the U.S. or any sort of support to Taiwan mentees throughout their grant period in the U.S.
  • The degree of commitment may vary depending on the availability of the mentor
  • Share feedback about the mentorship experience with FSE


  • Mentees are Taiwan grantees bound for the U.S.
  • Make the best of the Fulbright experience in the U.S.
  • Reach out to your mentor for advice, support or simply networking
  • Share feedback about the mentorship experience with FSE