FSE Service Directory due to Local COVID Concerns

As the local COVID-19 confirmed cases surge these days, the Foundation for Scholarly Exchange has temporarily closed our in-person services until July 12, 2021. Please feel free to reach our staff as the following information:

Awards to the U.S.
Ms. Lisa Lin
Contact: 886-2-2388-2100 Ext. 112
Email: llin@fulbright.org.tw

Awards to Taiwan
Ms. Charlie Cheng
Contact: 02-2388-2100 Ext. 135 
Email: ccheng@fulbright.org.tw

English Teaching Assistant (ETA) Program
Ms. Jodie Pai
Contact: 0905-750-100
Email: jpai@fulbright.org.tw

Public Engagement, Debate Program, and CSAT Program
Mr. Astin Chang
Contact: 02-2388-2100 Ext. 193
Email: achang@fulbright.org.tw

Visit the Facebook fanpage for online inquiry

Finance and Administration
Ms. Cherry Yen
Contact: 02-2388-2100 Ext. 153
Email: cyen@fulbright.org.tw

If you are unsure which staff is responsible for your work, please email fse@fulbright.org.tw for further instructions. We will endeavor to keep in touch with you.

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