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Taking Hot Spring Baths on Cold Days-January


After the final exam, the classmates decide to relax themselves by enjoying the hot spring in Yilan. Taimei Fu and her friends go to Jiaoshi to enjoy hot springs. On top of relaxing themselves, they also learn about the diverse hot spring cultures in Taiwan, including nude hot springs and the acidity/alkalinity of hot springs.


Written by: Chiu-Ya Kao
Translated by: Lyu-Wei Chen
Illustrated by: Loanne Liao

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FLTA Storybook Series

The authors of the FLTA Storybook Series are from the Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant (FLTA) program administrated by Fulbright Taiwan, which enables educators from Taiwan to assists in Chinese teaching in U.S. colleges and universities for around 9 months. In addition to teaching language, FLTAs serve as cultural ambassadors on campus. The program has benefited many Taiwanese teachers and also American university students since 2011. Special thanks to Department of State of U.S. and Ministry of Education of Taiwan for their great support to FLTA program over the years.


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