Emerging Voices Intern Recruitment


All Interested Taiwanese University Students.


August 30, 2021


September 17, 2021


One position. Based in FSE Taipei Main Office.


Three months per term (contract renewable according to performance).


Minimum hours worked per week: 20 hours. The exact workdays are not fixed. (Note: Candidates should discuss work schedule during the interviews.)


This is a position with hourly pay (TWD 170-200 per hour). See below as other compensation: Local group/labor insurance Certificate of Internship Student would gain valuable experience and skills through this opportunity and possible academic credit that your schools may consider to award.


Successful applicants must be:
  • Taiwan citizens;
  • 18 years of age or older;
  • Active students with at least two years of university studies (i.e. junior, senior or graduate students);
  • In good academic standing and have their school’s endorsement


Social Media:
  • Assist with video-production work such as putting subtitles on videos, recording & editing videos, possibly creating promo videos for certain events
  • Assist with social media outreach and engagement efforts such as creating Facebook posts, taking photos at events,
  • brainstorming ideas for IG and Twitter, monitoring social media data

Program Support:
  • Attend and provide logistic support for FSE PR team including creating online registrations, following up with participants, checking in & guests, escorting visitors
  • Assist with setting up for events with program equipment, preparing kits and giveaways, mailing out inventory, etc Research and gather data for specific audiences and policies

  • Assist with the translation of FSE PR team’s program materials, including program literature, Facebook posts, press products, etc.

Administrative Support:
  • Help with data management
  • Assist with general record-keeping tasks
  • Assist with general admin work such as organizing, scanning, filing, making copies, and shredding paper files
  • Conducting market research for procurement items and requesting info from vendors


University Students majoring in Political Science, History, English, Literature, Education, Art, Communications, Marketing, Journalism, Library Science, International Affairs, Translations, and/or related fields.


Must have good working proficiency of English and Chinese.


Microsoft Office Suite (especially PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Outlook); photography; video editing; Familiarity with popular social media platforms.

In addition, candidate who is familiar with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop will be appealing.


Application should include:
  • Statement of Interest (PDF format, please conduct this documents with FSE format)
  • A Recommendation Letter (issued by current Department Office or professor with a statement that the school has acknowledged and agreed on applicant’s participating in FSE’s internship program, no fixed format required) (in English, PDF format)
  • Official transcripts (in English, PDF format)
  • Personal Art Works, or Portfolios (in English, PDF format)

E-mail your application to evsip@fse.fulbright.org.tw by 11:59 p.m., September 17, 2021. (Taipei Time) Please put ‘Apply FSE Emerging Voices Intern’ as your email subject. Applicants who are selected for an interview will be contacted via email.

You shall receive a short message if your application is submitted successfully.

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