Cultural Ambassador for Life: I Shared the Taiwan Experience of Combating COVID-19 with US educators

“On May 29, 2020, at the “How Taiwan’s Schools are Getting Through the COVID-19 Pandemic?” Zoom webinar, where 87 representatives of US high schools from 23 states participated, I shared how my high school took preemptive measures to deal with COVID-19 from the aspect of academic affairs. By incorporating the pandemic as a topic in my English classes, I guided students to think about what they can do to help with the situations as a high school student, as a Taiwanese, and as a global citizen.  

Actually, I meant to share more residual messages such as “Taiwan can help. Taiwan is helping. Please support Taiwan to join global organizations such as WHO!” However, in order not to shift the focus in the local media coverage, I decided to downplay this part by focusing more on my lesson plan but still embedding the message in the QR Code.

I have been actively serving as a cultural ambassador since the Fulbright year. As an English teacher, I shared my US cultural experiences with my students at school. I am glad to have the opportunity to work as a Taiwanese cultural ambassador at the conference.”

Han-Wen Hsu

Han-Wen Hsu

2017-2018 Fulbright FLTA at the University of Notre Dame
currently an English Teacher at a Public Senior High School in Taiwan

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