Meaningful Initiatives and Cooperation between the Foundation for Scholarly Exchange and Taipei Medical University

Today, November 8, 2021, the Foundation for Scholarly Exchange (FSE) made a special visit to Taipei Medical University (TMU). FSE has launched a variety of cultural and educational exchange programs with TMU in recent years, strengthening bilateral cooperation and collaboration on international education in many different ways.

In 2020, FSE and TMU established a “Fulbright Master’s Degree Program Grant in Mind, Brain, and Consciousness.” Meanwhile, to encourage more U.S. undergraduate students to study abroad in Taiwan, FSE welcomes TMU to join the CSAT Study Abroad Program. Dr. Randall Nadeau, FSE Executive Director, and Dr. Lin Chien-Huang, TMU President, jointly signed the MoU. We look forward to a long-term, stable partnership with TMU, bringing more excellent U.S. students to TMU for inter-cultural exchange, and making a huge exposure of Taiwan’s excellent achievements in medical research.

Witnessed by FSE and TMU staff, Dr. Nadeau and Dr. Lin jointly planted a Chinese Fringetree (Chionanthus Retusus) at the main campus of TMU as part of the Fulbright Tree Planting Initiative, recognizing the continuous collaboration and the significant partnership with each other.

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