The Journey To Kucapungane

“The natural landscape surrounding Beidawu mountain is stunning. When most of my friends and family members in America were completing their Easter Sunday celebration rituals; I was beginning my Monday by admiring nature’s creations. As we started our journey, (five students, a co-professor from National Taiwan University, a teaching assistant, and two guides), I looked up at the mountain, and I took in the fresh air. I took a vow to be present and mouthed beneath my breath, “This is crazy.” Perhaps it was louder than I imagined because I overheard one of my students giggle, and she subsequently added, “I also think this is crazy.” At the same time, I mentally acknowledged that this site is one of the primary reasons I came to Taiwan, and my passion for architecture had managed to remove me from my comfort zone.”

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Latoya Kamdang

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