Starting 6/8 “Exhibition of U.S. and Taiwan Relations Since 1979” at Tunghai University Library

Established in 1979 according to Taiwan Relations Act, American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) is a non-official institute to maintain the commercial, cultural and other relations between the people of the U.S. and Taiwan. Taiwan Relations Act was signed and passed the U.S. Congress on April 10, 1979, which stipulates that the U.S. provide resources and technology necessary of the self-defense of Taiwan.In faith of this mutual trust, AIT has been playing a very important role in the past 40 years.

To celebrate this successful partnership, AIT features historical artifacts, documents, photographs, films and Augmented Reality to reflect the connectedness of industry, commerce, culture, education, Medicare and sanitation under this bilateral framework; these pieces of historical importance portray the width, depth, and power of a shared journey. This exhibition enumerates the crucial historical moments in the past 40 decades with the prospect of heading into the next 40 decades.

Exhibition Information

Host: American Institute in Taiwan (AIT)
Co-host: Tunghai University
Dates: 2020/06/08~2020/08/20
Opening Ceremony: 2020/06/11 (Thu) 2:00 pm
Venue: THU Library, 1st floor, Expo Area

More Information:

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