2020 Fulbright Debate Program for Senior High Schools

Due to the impact of the outbreak of COVID-19the deadline for the Host Senior High School Partners for Fulbright English Debate program is extended to April 10, 2020.

With the implementation of the curriculum guidelines of 12-Year Basic Education, students are not only learning textbook knowledge but also cultivating the ability to apply the knowledge. Learning is not solely passively absorbing textbook knowledge. Instead, students are expected to develop the three dimensions and nine items of core competencies in the curriculum guidelines of 12-Year Basic Education, and grow into a lifelong learner by extending from learning individually to interacting with others and the environment and increasing social participation to understand and deal with various situations in the society.

The aim of the Fulbright English Debate Program is to promote English debate. Foundation of Scholarly Exchange (FSE) invites outstanding experienced debaters from the US to coach Taiwanese students for English debate skills and train Taiwanese senior high school teachers for English debate teaching. It is hoped that the program will enhance students’ English debate techniques, English oral expression skills, logic, and critical thinking through English debate coaching and various competitions. Furthermore, the students will be able to connect to and see different aspect of the world with English and critical thinking ability. It is also anticipated that English debate will be adopted as an approach to conduct international exchange. Additionally, this program is to support Taiwanese teachers to teach English debate by holding debate workshops to improve knowledge and teaching techniques. It is hoped that he teachers will benefit more students in the future.


  1. Public or private senior high schools in Taiwan that are interested in English debate and have a plan for English debate classes.
  2. Propose an English debate class plan for the coming academic year and provide other information about English activities in the school (please see the attachment).

Mailing address

  • Contact: Mr. Jhih-Kai Kevvy Yang 
  • Institution: Foundation for Scholarly Exchange, Fulbright Taiwan
  • Address: 2nd Fl., 45, Yanping S. Rd., Taipei 10043, Taiwan


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