Fulbright Taiwan Sponsored Solid TESOL Training for the English Language Teaching Assistant Program Launched by Taiwan Ministry of Education

The Foundation for Scholarly Exchange (Fulbright Taiwan) is pleased to support the professional training to Taiwan Ministry of Education’s newly-launched English Language Teaching Assistant Program(ELTA) Program. This is not only helping the foreign ELTAs to understand Taiwan students’ learning needs but also guiding ELTAs to include more cross-cultural awareness content in their classes. The main purpose of having this program is to enhance the confidence of Taiwan students to speak in English. This program starts its first year through the Bilingual Education Centre, which is launched by the Taiwan Ministry of Education and executed by both NSYSU and WZU. The program aims to encourage qualified foreign ELTAs who have completed 18 hours of training and send them to local elementary schools and junior high schools in southern Taiwan to create interesting English activities and events, to cultivate Taiwan students’ English language ability. FSE TEFL/Bilingual Advisory team, Dejah Crystal, Matthew Gleason, and David Herman taught the virtual classes for ELTAs at WZU on September 11-12 and an in-person class on September 26, 2021. We will have another training session for ELTAs in NSYSU on October 15-17. We look forward to making great contributions in promoting Taiwan’s bilingual education through these meaningful English language training resource platforms.

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