Mandarin Chinese Picture book “FLTA Story Book Series” published this summer

21 Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant (FLTA) grantees including Chiu-Ya Kao, Pei-Yu Lin, Miao-Yu Yen, Tzu-Ling Chiu, Chun-Wei Tsai, Hsin-Yu Hsu, Hsin-Shan Tsai, Ai-Ling Lu, Yi-Yi Chou, Ling Yang, Kuan-Lin Pan, Chao-Hui Wei, Ling-Hua Tien, Yueh-Chih Lin, Ho-Wen Chang, Lyu-Wei Chen, Ya-Chih Chan, Ying-Jeng Wang, Pei-Lun Hsu, Yen-Chen Huang, and Wen-Chin Yeh, collaborated with Professor Hui-Chen Hsiao from NTNU, Ministry of Education, and Fulbright Taiwan to publish the “FLTA Storybook Series” this summer consist of 12 picture books.

Mia Fulbright, the main character of the whole series, came to Taiwan for a year-long exchange. Following her journey, the reader will explore 12 Taiwan-related themes, including: Taking Hot Spring Baths on Cold Days (January), Worshiping the Chinese God of Love (February), Going to the Night Market (March), Weddings (April), Prides (May), Tea-Picking Fun (June), Traveling around the Island (July), The Fun of Kenting (August), Sky Lanterns (September), Food Frenzy (October), Tangyuan (November), and Celebrating New Year (December). Conversation, common expressions, practical usage, and cultural tips were also included in each book. The series will be a useful cultural teaching tool for Mandarin Chinese teachers as well as must-have picture books for Mandarin Chinese learners enriching their cultural literacy and providing a deeper understanding of Taiwan.

Book request please contact Ms. Edith Wang:

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