Outcome of 2020-2021 Fulbright Debate Program Hosts

The Foundation for Scholarly Exchange (Fulbright Taiwan) had an open application process to invite senior high schools in Taiwan to participate in the 2020-2021 Fulbright English Debate Program. Three hundred and fifty-nine senior high schools around Taiwan were directly notified with an access to the application materials, including application procedures and criteria, an application proposal […]

2020 Fulbright Debate Program for Senior High Schools

Due to the impact of the outbreak of COVID-19,the deadline for the Host Senior High School Partners for Fulbright English Debate program is extended to April 10, 2020. With the implementation of the curriculum guidelines of 12-Year Basic Education, students are not only learning textbook knowledge but also cultivating the ability to apply the knowledge. Learning is […]

New! Debate Coach/Trainer Awards

New Fulbright student scholarship: Fulbright Debate Coach/Trainer Awards. This award is not only the first grant about debate coaching in Taiwan, but also the first Fulbright student grant focusing on the field of debate around the world!