Being LGBTQ+ in Taiwan: Celebrating the Intersections of Race & Sexuality in a Transnational Context

In celebration of AAPI Heritage Month & PRIDE Month, Fulbright ETA/ETF Taiwan DEI Committees in collaboration with the Diversity Liaison for Fulbright Programs in East Asia and the Pacific, UMass AAASCP, Fulbright Taiwan Prism, Fulbridge, and Fulbright Lotus are hosting a talk with Professor Wen Liu, a Taiwanese scholar, educator, and writer currently based in Taipei, Taiwan. Professor Liu is an Assistant Research Professor at the Institute of Ethnology, Academia Sinica, and an affiliated faculty in the Department of Sociology, National Taiwan University. This talk is about the Taiwanese LGBTQ movements, their transnational implications, and the intersections of race and sexuality.


We hope to empower and broaden the global perspective of our attendees of LGBTQ+ identities in relation to Taiwanese social movements and to foster further discussion and action in Taiwan, U.S., and beyond. This event is open to current, former, and incoming ETAs/ETFs, the larger Taiwanese community, and any and everybody who is interested in learning more about these topics.


Date and Time

6-8 PM, May 24, 2022 (Taipei Time)





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